Thursday, January 21, 2010

Welcome to new school :) + :'(

Here I go so dishonestly
Leave a note for you my only one
And I know you can see right through me
So let me go and you will find someone

Yess, for sure. I leave my school with dishonestly and
not expressing my genuine feelings to go. Herm why huh?
I guess my heart heavy as heavy as rock to go beacuse
I'll away from my parents esspecially,friends and also
my beloved teachers who was taught me alot at SMKTR2.
I gonna miss you all. :'(

But until now I still waiting for my real form
from that school,SMT Jasin, Melacca.
I afraid when I at there, my name not in the list
fucking damn shit lah kan,
whereas I was offered to move at that school.
If it happen I will give my powerfull fist to them grr

So I call then I call the clark but still didn't
answer my phone, I just wanted to ask how the
process it will happen. Is that I must bring all
my equipment at there? or next monday only registration?
Herm.. don't know lah, just waiting fer tomorrow. I'll call
him at dawn, before he get his pray. hahaha

Just now, my sibling and I were went to tailor to get
my trouser, I cut it to boot cut but it's seems not like
what i thinking, it's seems like straight cut. Haish
Hampeh laa lu apek. After that we went to OJC to buy
new sport shoes, I bought a new ambro sport shoes. Its
awesome and greats!

Herm tomorrow I guess, after having solat Jumaat, we will go
to Jusco to buy some t-shirts and buy 2 new shirt school. hee
At there, I want be a new guy and first guy have his own style
when studying :) hee

and for the last, I just wanted to wish all the best to
all my friends and also not my close friends. Do the best
as you can, Push yourself to be great and smart in study.
It'll brings a lot of benefit on you. Just see who had
done with flying colours in their UPSR,PMR and also SPM.
okay bye

*sorry broken english and a lot of grammer mistakes. :'(


Mierazhar :) said...

good luck with the schl and your grammar .
i'll miss you tho !

nadzmienasir said...

haha thanks alot :*