Sunday, May 10, 2009

a special card for her.

inside that card,i wrote this..

Ibu guru utama di dunia ini.
Kita mengenal erti kehidupan.
Dari dakapannya..
Kita mengenal kemesraan.
Dari tutur katanya..
Kita mengenal kelembutan.
Dan dari gerak lakunya..
Kita mengenal kesopan.

i wanna share my stories to you all.
here we go.
i still remember when i was a kid,
i always making trouble for her.
always make her angry,always make her sad,
always make her nagging to me,
but she still always praying for my successfull.
never stop praying,but i? never stop making her sad.

when im standard 2,
i still remember and still fresh in my mind.
i always stole her money to buy a
control car,bayblade,crushgear and etc.
when i went home after bought that toys,i saw mother was
standing outside with hanger and rotan waiting for me.
when i home with my toys inside my shirt i hid,
i was punished while her tears stream down.
and my toys were vanished by mother.
i appeal mother please dont vanished it.
but mother never heard mine and she still going on punish me.
with tears stream down i apologised
mother and regret i'll never do it again.

now,i be a good boy and good brother.
as my friend said, u must be a role model as my sis did.
i'll do my best.insyaAllah.

and for my mother.
happy mother's day!. insyaAllah i'll giving u
happiness and avoding myselft to hurt u again.
InsyaAllah as my father and my mother's willing,
i will giving u a degree soon
like my sister. and make u all proud of me as your beloved son. :)
I LOVEE YOUU MUMM! and Im sory to u what i've done u before! :*

*sory BI aku tak sehebat korang. harap diperbetulkan. ;)

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adi said...

sweet seyh..
anak yg baik..